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Colt Special Model 1861 Contract Rifle
Item #: AA1343
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This is a Colt Special Model 1861 Contract rifled musket from the Civil War. These Colt rifles were produced throughout the Civil War, resulting in approximately 100,000 being made to fill Federal and state government contracts. The weapon has an overall length of 56", with a barrel length of 40". The barrel retains the original "National Bright" finish. All the hardware on this beauty is bright enough to shave by! The bore is .58 caliber with strong rifling and is as bright as the day is long! The standard Springfield barrel proofs of V/P/Eagle head are crisp and can be seen easily with the naked eye. The left barrel flat is also stamped with inspectors initials M.N.M and the word STEEL. The front sight and three leaf rear sight are still present. The nose cap matches the barrel for patina. The three barrel bands are the split, screw type found on the Type I. All three are stamped with a U. The lockplate is stamped U.S./COLT'S Pt F.A. Mfg Co/HARTFORD Ct forward of the hammer and 1864 behind the hammer. The lock matches the patina of the barrel. The bolster has no clean out screw, and the eagle motif is clearly visible. The mechanics of this old war horse are crisp, locking the hammer in both half and full cock. The trigger guard has two inspector stamps, a W and an F. The butt plate is stamped US and shines like a new penny! Both sling swivels are present, along with the correct tulip head ramrod. The stock is an even medium brown color. The edges are crisp along the barrel channel. The wood shows two small bumps on the stock flat opposite the lock. There are two cartouches on the stock flat opposite the lock, MH and JT. A Civil War period sling is attached to the sling swivels and is still very pliable. This one even comes with the correct US marked socket bayonet still in the National Bright finish. This rifled musket will compliment any Civil War collection, and if you collect only long arms this could be your center piece! Never gonna be a need to upgrade this one.