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US WWII Carbine Stock
Item #: AA1340
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This is a US M1 Carbine stock manufactured for a carbine produced by the Inland Manufacturing Division of General Motors, located in Dayton, Ohio. Between June, 1942 and August, 1945, Inland manufactured 2,094,996 M1 and M1A1 carbines for use during WWII. This is a Type III, low wood stock made of American Black Walnut in original, untouched condition. It measures 28 1/4" in length. The barrel channel measures 3 3/16", indicating an earlier production Type III stock. The bridge forward of the trigger housing is still present, an indication that this stock was never modified to become an M2 stock. The absence of the cut out for the M2 selector switch on the left side of the stock further verifies this stock remains in it's original WWII configuration. The stock manufactures stamp of HI is found in the left side sling well, along with an ordnance bomb proof. The HI stood for the Hillerich & Bradsby Co. of Louisville, Ky. They manufactured slings for Inland. The Ordnance cartouche is faint, but still visible on the right side of the stock, forward of the oval sling cut out. The letter P is visible on the bottom of the hand grip. On the left side of the stock, between the hand grip and sling well are the letters AN. These letters represent the Anniston Arsenal in Alabama, where this carbine was inspected after WWII, and possibly rebuilt there. It is my opinion that the weapon was inspected, required no repairs and was placed in storage. The lack of the longer barrel channel, cut out for the M2 selector switch, presence of the bridge and no P stamp on the front of the hand guard all lead to this stock being in original WWII configuration. The wood is on good condition, having no cracks, wood loss or repairs. The only hardware still on the stock is the retaining spring for the barrel band. If you're looking to build a shooter from original WWII carbine parts here's the stock you need!
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