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Model 1859 McClellan Saddle
Item #: AA1335
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This is a Model 1859 McClellan saddle used by both Union and Confederate cavalry during the American Civil War. This saddle is in original condition and shows no repairs at all. It does not come with saddle bags, carbine thimble, crupper or surcingle. The open seat saddle tree is in excellent condition, having no damage at all. The exposed rawhide covering the seat is in very good condition. There is one tear in the rawhide on the cantle, approximately 4" long across the top between the center and right side bed roll strap escutcheons. All the stitching on the rawhide is tight, strong and unfrayed. The three brass escutcheon plates on the cantle and one on the pommel are securely attached to the mortises. The saddle shield is also securely attached to the pommel, and reads "11 1/2 INCH SEAT". The large sweat skirts are made of heavy black harness leather. The pommel and cantle quarter straps, with the winged D rings, are securely attached to the saddle. they show some light crazing on the high points of the straps. There is some damage to each skirt, most likely caused by rodents. The left skirt shows damage along the rearward edge, while the right skirt has a small spot on the bottom edge. Heavy, black harness leather straps with large jappaned roller buckles attach a bent oak wooden stirrup to each side of the saddle. The stirrups, each having a 3" tread, have heavy black leather foul weather guards riveted on them. The leather girth strap is in good condition. it shows honest wear, but is not torn, ripped or show signs or repair anywhere. The stitching remains as tight as the day it was sewn! All of the correct hardware, pommel and cantle rings, staples and saddle bag hook are present and secure. The is an outline of a makers tag on the right side of the tree by the pommel. It seems to be the only thing missing from the saddle. If you have a Civil War cavalry collection this one will make a beautiful addition. It may not be end of the road, but it will sure be hard to beat!
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