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Pre Civil War Militia Tin Canteen
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This is a pre civil war militia tin canteen from the 1820 - 1850's time period. It measures 4 1/2" in diameter and is approximately 1 1/2" wide. These small canteens were very popular before the Civil War in the New England Militia companies. The canteen has a convex side and a flat side, the flat side being worn against the soldier's body. The spout and all three tin sling guides are still present. The sling guides measure 1 3/16" wide. The canteen has a bright light green color, with very little of the color missing. There are two pin holes in the front side of the canteen, just above the bottom sling guide. These canteens normally had a linen or cloth sling, although it was not unusual for a leather sling to be used as an expedient replacement. On the back of the canteen, scratched in cursive writing is C.W. BAILEY/PORTMOUTH/N.Y. There is some research to be done here. Unfortunately I don't have the time out on the road to do it. So here's an opportunity for one of you Northern collectors to pick up a pre war canteen and do the work to discover who C.W. Bailey was!
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