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Civil War Officer's Epaulettes
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This is a set of Civil War era Cavalry Officers epaulettes worn with the dress uniform. The epaulettes were worn on dress uniforms of the US army from 1832 through 1871. From 1832 through 1851 all officers wore the gold epaulettes, with the exception of Infantry, who wore silver epaulettes. In 1851 the color was changed to gold for the Infantry branch as well. The epaulettes were categorized into three groups; junior grade officers, company grade officers and senior and General officers. The junior grades were 2nd and 1st Lieutenant. The bullion, or "fringe" on these epaulettes was 1/8" in diameter. 2nd Lieutenants did not have any rank insignia, only regimental disks. 1st Lieutenants had one bar and the regimental disk. Company grade officers had bullion of 1/4" diameter and had two bars along with the regimental disk. Senior and General officers wore epaulettes with 1/2" diameter bullion. Majors had no rank insignia, Lieutenant Colonels had one silver oak leaf, Colonels one silver eagle and General officers from one to three stars. Majors through Colonels were authorized to wear regimental disks. General officers and officers working the generals staffs were not authorized to wear the regimental disks. These epaulettes are in very good condition. They have the 1/2" diameter bullion and a Lieutenant Colonel's rank insignia with a yellow backing. The outline of a regimental disk can be seen on each epaulette. The bullion of each epaulette is in good condition with very little fraying. The backing material is made of a red cotton material. It has hand stitching and shows honest wear. There is no makers marks anywhere on either epaulette. If you have a Union frock coat that needs dressing up, or a Union Cavalry officers collection, these little beauties will do the trick!
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