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1851 Colt Navy with 5" Barrel and British Proof Marks
Item #: AA1292
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This is a Model 1851 Colt Navy cap and ball revolver from the Civil War. The serial number 101516 puts this one in the production year of 1861. This is not your everyday run of the mill Sam Colt equalizer though. There are British proof marks on the left side of the barrel and on the cylinder. The barrel measures only 5", instead of the standard 7 1/2". The rifling is visible, but it's obvious this little smoke wagon has sent it's fair share of rounds down range. The bore is clean and is without pitting. The single line ADDRESS COL. SAMl COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA address is visible, but very faint in places. This is interesting, as most London Navy Colts had a barrel marking of ADDRESS. COL: COLT. LONDON. The Colt patent mark is clearly visible on the frame. There is no cylinder scene visible at all, just the serial number. There are no sub inspector marks on the gun. The serial numbers are crisp and match, with the exception of the wedge. The mechanics of the pistol work fine. The cylinder indexes when the hammer is cocked. There is very little bluing remaining on the gun, mostly on the loading lever. The loading lever has been shortened to coincide with the shortened barrel length. I believe that both alterations were performed at the factory. There are just traces of silver wash on the trigger guard and back strap. The back strap is not brass, but iron, another attribute of a London Navy revolver. The walnut grips have plent of the original varnish remaining. They fit the gun like a glove and have the normal nicks and dings. This iconic revolver of the Civil War definitely has a story to tell! This will be a great research project for some of you Colt collectors out there.