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James Dixon & Sons Leather Covered Shotgun Powder Flask
Item #: AA1291
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This is an English leather covered powder flask made by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield, England during the mid 1800's. The flask measures 10" in length and 4 1/2" at it's widest part. The leather cover is completely intact, the seams are still strong. The spout is graduated from 3 to 4 drams in 1/4 dram increments. The top unscrews from the body to fill the flask with powder. The small index pin for the spout is missing, the only flaw with the flask. The top is stamped on both sides of the spout. One side is stamped JAMES DIXON/& SONS/SHEFFIELD, while the other side has an emblem on it. The powder cutoff works perfectly. It's known that many southern boys went off to fight the war of Northern Aggression armed with shotguns and flasks just like this one. It shows some honest wear and a dent or two, but displays great!
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Item # AA1291
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