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1974 Jim Beam National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Decanter
Item #: AA1263
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This is a National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Jim Beam decanter produced in 1974. This decanter is constructed of Regal China and is in the shape of a Perch. It measures 10" tall, 5" wide and 4" wide at the base. The Perch is depicted jump and is painted in realistic tones. The right side of the fish has a piece of wood. The cap is located in the top of the wood and has the remnants of a tax stamp. There is a seal on the back of the wood that reads "*OFFICIAL SEAL* NATIONAL FRESH WATER FISHING HALL OF FAME INC." In the center of the seal is a Bass with the words Behold the Angler above and Conservation and Sportsmanship below the fish. Hayward, Wisconsin is named on the seal. The decanter holds 4/5 of a quart of 86 proof Jim Beam whiskey. The original box is no longer with the fish. The descriptive tag on the front of the base is missing. The decanter is empty. This one will really make your liquor decanter collection stand out!
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Item # AA1263
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