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Petersburg Virginia Retailed Shotgun by William Morgan & Brother
Item #: AA1260
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This is a black powder side by side 12 gauge shotgun retailed in Petersburg, Virginia by William Morgan & brother. Morgan immigrated to this country in 1816 and settled in Petersburg, Virginia. He went into business with his brother Andrew in Petersburg as Morgan & Brother just prior to 1850. They are both listed as gunsmiths in the 1850 and 1860 US census records. An example of one of their shotguns is found in the recently released book "Confederate & Southern Agent Marked Shotguns" by Russ Pritchard Jr. and John Ashworth Jr. The shotgun has an overall length of 43 3/4", with barrel lengths of 28". The barrels, lockplates, trigger guard and butt plate all have a matching steel gray patina. The exterior of the barrels have a smooth, steel gray and striped appearance. The rib between the barrels is engraved Petersburg Va. The bores are darkening and have very light pitting present. A small brass bead sight is located 1" behind the muzzles on the barrel rib. There is a single silver inlay is at the breech of each barrel, with two small inaid lines on the rear of the barrel rib. The bottom side of the barrels are stamped with the Birmingham viewers mark and the final proof of the Birmingham Proof House on each barrel. The lockplates have a very smooth appearance, with simple engraving and the remnants of the name WM Morgan & Bro engraved on them. The hammers have the same simple engraving. The mechanics of both locks function fine, locking in half and full cock. The trigger guard assembly and butt plate are iron, the trigger guard having simple engraving. There is a small dent in the left side of the trigger bow. The escutcheon plates are brass, along with the nose cap and a small patch box on the bottom of the stock comb. The walnut stock is in good condition, with no cracks or wood loss anywhere. The wrist is checkered, and shows significant wear that coincides with the wear on the lockplates. This is a very nice example of a muzzle loading black powder shotgun that was retailed in the heart of the Confederacy prior to or during the Civil War. And an example very similar to this one, by the same retailor is shown in the long awaited Confederate shotgun book!