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Artillery Crate Stenciled "Sponge Covers 12 PDR Gun"
Item #: AA1248
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This is a wooden crate from the Civil War era. The oak board constructed crate has a width of 42", is 11 1/2" high and 18 1/2" deep. Each end of the crate is stenciled in black lettering "Sponge Covers/12 PDR GUN". These covers were an important piece to a gun crew. After the cannon was fired the tube had to be swabbed, to ensure there were no burning embers remaining before the next round was loaded. The rammer performed this function. The rammer was a wooden staff approximately 8 feet long, with a means to service the gun on either end. One side had the actual rammer, to drive the round and powder charge down the tube. The opposite end was covered by a wool sponge that was tied to the rammer. The sponge was dipped in a water bucket and ran down the tube to ensure all embers from the previous rounds firing were extinguished. This crate was used to ship and store these sponge covers. I don't know the quantity that was shipped, as it is not stenciled on the crate, but my guess would be at least 125. The top board from the crate are missing. The remainder of the crate is in very good condition. This is an unusual piece of Civil War history that you just don't see everyday!