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Cow Horn Powder Flask
Item #: AA1202
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This is a powder flask made from a cow horn. This one came into the shop with a collection out of Rhode Island. The horn measures 10 1/4" in length, 2 1/2" across the butte plug and 1/2" across the spout. The butte plug is secured with brass pins. The spout has been carved into an octagon shape. The opening is a smaller octagon, the plug is missing. There are no suspension rings present, but there appears to have been one in the center of the plug. The color of the horn is a nice yellowish tan at the large end gradually turning brown by the spout. The size of this horn indicates it was probably used for a percussion rifle or shotgun. The date of 1862 is scratched into the horn near the plug. We have had other powder horns from the Civil War era in the shop, but they were usually decorated with camp scenes or colored flowers. I believe that this one is from the Civil War era, but not used in the Civil War. I think this guy was out west trapping while that cruel war took place. There is no suspension strap with the horn. This is a cool piece to add to your frontier or long arm collection.