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Civil War Clarion
Item #: AA1194
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This is a Clarion, or bugle, from the Civil War era. It was the standard Quartermaster issue US Army bugle between 1855 and the 1880's. During the Civil War it was the principal bugle issued to regular and militia buglers. The Clarion is a single twist instrument that was made of copper with a brass bell, or made entirely of brass. It is of European origin, but some American companies did produce them during the war. Many of these bulges were imported from Europe, mainly France and Germany. These bugles played in two different keys, C and with the use of a crook B flat. This Clarion measures 17 1/2" in length, and has a bell diameter of 5 3/4". It is made of brass and copper. This one does not have a crook, so it is keyed in the note of C. There are numerous small dents and dings from normal use, but the bell is relatively straight. One of the rings for the cord is missing. I'm no musician, but I have managed to get a few sounds out of this one! The copper has taken on a mild bronze patina, while the brass bell is a deep mustard color. These bugles were the essential for communication on the battlefield, but they were also important in the daily life of the Civil War soldier. If you collect Infantry from either the North or South, you need one like this to round out your collection!