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Northern Manufactured Knapsack
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This is a knapsack manufactured by William Butterfield of New York City, New York for the Union Army. Butterfield had a received a contract on 13 August, 1864 to produce 4,000 knapsacks for the rate of $2.62, and 100,000 at the government rate of $2.88 each. The knapsack was considered an improvement of the hardpack, as it was less susceptible to failure due to the wood frame of the hardpack. The pack was constructed of heavy canvas that was coated with tar to help waterproof it. There were two separate compartments sewn together. This was essentially the foot soldier's "home away from home". What he carried within could be broken down into three categories: items essential for survival, creature comforts, and keepsakes. Things most commonly carried would have been a gum blank or ground cloth, shelter half, spare shirts, socks, underwear, pocket knife, house wife and a section of rope or hemp twine. These were the essentials items necessary for the soldier to survive on a campaign. Creature comforts would have included a camp hat for sleeping, pipe, tobacco, and a toothbrush. If he had room and had them most soldiers carried an image of their family or other loved ones, a bible and writing material. These were his "keepsakes", things to sustain him while he was away from family and home. This knapsack is complete, but does have a few issues. All straps, buckles and hooks are present. The left shoulder strap is stamped with the maker Wm BUTTERFIELD/NEW YORK/AUG. 13 1864. The inward bag, or "compartment has three tears in the canvas, one on each side and one along the bottom. The two on the sides are about 3" and 4" long. The bottom tear is quite a bit bigger, about 6" long. The outward bag is in much better condition. There are two tears at the bottom of the canvas, one about 2" and the other about 3". The leather straps are dry and not pliable. One of the shoulder straps has taken a permanent twist from being stored improperly. All that said, this knapsack will still display well. It could make the finishing touch for your Infantry collection, Billy Yank or Johnny Reb!
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