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Confederate Cavalry Picket Pin
Item #: AA1185
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This is a Confederate Cavalry picket pin used during the Civil War. The pin is comprised of an iron pin 4 3/4" long with an iron ring that measures 3 1/4" across. The pin has a loop formed at the top so that the ring can pivot and rotate freely. This pin is a lot less cumbersome than a standard Union picket pin, and required less space to store it when not in use. The short, tapered pin was meant to be driven into a tree or log, ensuring the horses did not manage to pull the pin free and wonder off. There is some surface scale on the pin and ring, but this thing is still fully capable of holding two or three horses! The ring still rotates freely too. if you have a Confederate Cavalry collection it's not complete without one of these!
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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