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Batty "Peace" Powder Flask
Item #: AA1183
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This is a large, martial powder flask made by Batty that could be used for a black powder pistol or longarm. Batty is one of the most widely known name in the powder flask realm. This is due largely to the success of his "Peace" flask, being produced from 1847 to 1858. Measuring 9 3/4" in length, the body of the flask has a tear drop shape that measures 4" at the widest part. The flask is made of copper, while the collar, screw off top, adjustable charger and thumb cut off are made of brass. One side of the flask has a very nice bronze patina, the other side more of a chocolate brown hue. All the brass pieces have a matching mustard patina. The top of the flask is stamped BATTY/1848. A small B is stamped on the top and on the side of the brass collar. The seams of the flask are tight and show no breaks. The charger and cut off work perfectly. There are two small dents in the flask body, nothing major, mentioned for accuracy. Each side of the flask is decorated with a spread winged eagle facing to the left. A military shield covers it's chest and it clutches arrows in it's left talon and olive branches in the right. Below the eagle are two clasped hands surrounded by an oval of twenty stars. Below the stars a military motif of flags, cannon, muskets and trumpets, all behind a large shield embossed with the letters US. A small brass ring, triangular in shape, is attached to each side of the upper neck of the flask. The overall appearance of this flask is gorgeous. This one will never need to be upgraded and will display well with your firearms collection.