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Model 1842 Harpers Ferry Rifled Musket
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This is a Model 1842 percussion musket produced at the Harpers Ferry Armory. The Model 1842 was the first regulation musket made at the Springfield and Harper's Ferry Armories with the percussion ignition system. This was the last smoothbore musket made in .69 caliber and the first weapon made at both National armories that was completely interchangeable parts wise. Between the years 1856 and 1859 14,182 Model 42's were altered, having the barrels rifled. This Model 1842 is one of those rare weapons to have the barrel rifled and a long range single leaf rear sight added. It measures 57 3/4" overall, with a 42" barrel. The barrel is still the original .69 caliber. The bore is turning dark and has mild pitting, but the rifling is still good. The exterior of the barrel has an dark plum patina mixed with salt and pepper age spots. It matches all the other iron components. This model has had a long range rear sight added to go with the original blade front sight on the double strap front barrel band. The barrel has the eagle head, P and V proof marks reading from breech to muzzle. The barrel tang is dated 1854. The bayonet lug is mounted on the bottom of the barrel. The exterior of the barrel is smooth with light pitting along the entire length. The three barrel bands are present, along with the barrel band retaining springs. The front and rear sling swivels are still with the musket. The lockplate is marked HARPERS/FERRY/1853 behind the hammer with an eagle over the letters US forward of the hammer. The action on this weapon is very crisp. The hammer locks in half and full cock and snaps forward when the trigger is depressed. The trigger guard and US marked butt plate have the same patina as the rest of the gun. The stock is in it's original unsanded condition. There are the normal bumps and dings from handling. There is no wood loss or age cracks anywhere on the stock. There is one cartouche on the left stock flat, JAS within an oval. The number 60 is stamped into the left stock comb. A trumpet head shaped ramrod accompanies this musket. This old warhorse didn't see service in the Mexican War, but most certainly saw action during the American Civil War. Here's a chance to own a nice example of an early and rare Harpers Ferry rifled musket that won't break the bank.
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