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WWII US Army Issue New Testament
Item #: AA1122
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This is a World War II US Army issue New Testament, Protestant version, printed by the Untied States Government Printing Office in 1942. The bible was made to be carried in the soldiers shirt pocket and measures 5 1/4" tall, 3 3/16" wide and 1" thick. This pocket bible is brown with gold lettering, the cover reads NEW TESTAMENT PROTESTANT VERSION at the top. The Army crest is encircled by the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN WAR OFFICE near the bottom, and PRESENTED BY THE ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES at the bottom. All of the lettering on the cover is printed in gold. On the inside page is an inscription from the "The White House Washington" dated 6 March, 1941. The inscription commends the reading of the Bible "to all those who serve in the armed forces of the United States." The inscription is signed by President Franklin D Roosevelt. Handwritten in pencil on the inside cover is GGA 1178, not sure if that is someone's initials and last four of his service number or not. Also hand written in pencil above the inscription is a Bible verse, "Philippians 4th verse on page 470." Turning to page 470 shows the identified verse bracketed in pencil and the words "true, honest, just and pure" underlined in pencil. These bibles were distributed to all service men and women during World War II.
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