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World War I British Brodie Helmet
Item #: AA1099
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This is a British manufactured Brodie helmet from World War I. The helmet is complete with oilcloth liner and leather chinstrap. There is also an old leather shoe lace woven around the liner. The helmet is in good condition with no dents or punctures. The helmet is a brownish green color on the interior and exterior, with some texturing still remaining on the exterior. This is a later war production, as there is steel band applied to the rim of the helmet. Stamped into the inner brim is HS 483, indicating that the helmet was manufactured by Hatfield LTD of Sheffield, England. The number 843 is the steel batch number. Hatfield was a steel supplier and manufacturer of the Brodie helmet from 1916 - 1919. The oilcloth liner has a red ink stamp on the inside that is mostly legible. The first word of the second line is the only one I can't positively make out. The ink stamp has a red rectangular border with red lettering that reads "BRODIES STEEL HELMET/Brittons(?) No.821,996/WAR OFFICE PATTERN/PATENT No.11803718." The leather chin strap is solid and is stamped with the size 6 7/8. This would make a great addition to any WWI collection, American or British.
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