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Sporterized Model 1896 Springfield Krag Carbine
Item #: AA1087
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This is Model 1896 Krag-Jorgensen Carbine manufactured at the Springfield Armory in 1898. Between 1896 and 1898 there were 19133 of these carbines produced at the armory. Originally they had an overall length of 40.13", a 22" barrel and was chambered in .30-40 caliber. The all iron furniture was blued and the barrel was retained by a single barrel band. The marking on the receiver were "U.S./MODEL 1896 SPRINGFIELD ARMORY" followed by the serial number. A sling bar and ring were mounted to the left side stock. The stock was drilled for storage of a cleaning rod and the butt plate had a trapdoor for access to it. Serial numbers for these carbines were in the approximate range of 35000 to 90000. This model 1896 carbine has been sporterized and turned into a shooter. It retains the 22" barrel, receiver and trigger assembly, but has been restocked. The barrel is still in the original .30-40 caliber and the bore is still bright with plenty of rifling showing. A Redfield Model 102 peep sight has been added for along range shooting, being marked out to 600 yards. The stock is an EC Bishop product. Bishop and his sons made semi finished stocks from the 1940's through the 1980's. They were known for their high quality, as evidenced by this fine specimen. It is of the Monte Carlo style with the check rest on the right side of the stock. The wrist area and forearm have very fine checkering applied. The butt plate is of hard rubber and is marked Bishop Stocks. A black metal nose cap and black hard rubber wrist cap complete the half stock. The overall condition of this weapon is very good. The bluing is 98% complete and the stock has two small dings. This is a great example of a military firearm used during the Spanish American War and in the Philippines that has gone on to see life after the military!