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Confederate Cap Box
Item #: AA1084
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This is a Confederate manufactured percussion cap box made during the Civil War. The box is in excellent condition, having no damage or loose stitching anywhere. All the traits one looks for in a Confederate made piece are here. The back of the box and outer flap are made of a single piece of thick leather. The closure tab is complete and sewn onto the outer flap. The finial is made of lead and is secure to the box. The single belt loop measures almost 2" wide and is securely attached to the box. The inner flap and ears are made of the same thick leather and also has rock solid stitching. The leather is still supple but a little stiff. The wool and pick are still reporting for duty, along with about a dozen period musket caps! This is a fantastic example of a Confederate made cap box. A letter comes with the box stating that it was part of Steve Mullineux's collection. Civil War leather in good condition is getting hard to come by. Confederate leather items are even more scarce. This little cap box is worthy of any collection and will not need to be upgraded!