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1800's Percussion Mortimer Shotgun
Item #: AA1078
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This is a mid 1800's double barrel percussion shotgun made by Mortimer of London. The gun has an overall length of 55", with barrel lengths of 39". The barrels are a beautiful chocolate brown color. The bores are beginning to darken, but have very minimal surface pitting and measure out at 10 gauge. Four inches forward of the breech on the barrel rib the word "London" is lightly etched. A small iron bead sight has been installed on the rib 3/4" back of the muzzles. There is a very slight dimple on the edge of the right barrel muzzle. The barrel tang is elaborately engraved. The hammers, lockplates, triggers and ramrod thimbles all have a matching patina. The hammers and lockplates are very intricately engraved, matching the engraving on the barrel tang. In addition to the bird scences engraved on the lockplates, the word "MORTIMER" is inscribed. Each of the locks functions perfectly, holding the hammers in half and full cock. The nipple on the right barrel looks to be a replacement, while the left one is original to the gun. The nose cap, escutchen plates, trigger guard, butt plate, and all other hardware is brass, and they practically glow from across the room. There is a small compartment on the bottom of the stock used to house spare percussion caps. All are ornately engraved with wild birds in flight, particularly pheasants. The half stock wood shows significant wear at the forearm and has a few bumps and dings from normal handling. The wrist area is checkered, and also shows a lot of handling wear. A wooden ramrod is housed under the barrels. This is a very nice high end "fowler' from the 1850's and will look good in any antique gun collection. The name Mortimer is associated with quality gunsmithing from England since the early 1800's.
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