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Model 1816 Type III Springfield Musket
Item #: AA1075
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This is a Model 1816 Type III Springfield musket that has been converted to percussion. Over 325,000 of these muskets were produced at the Springfield Armory between 1816 and 1844. It has an overall length of 57 3/4" and a barrel length of 42". The barrel and all other iron hardware minus the lockplate had the National bright finish, but have all taken on a brownish/black appearance. The entire gun has the same overall dark patina, except for the brass bolster conversion. The bore is turning dark has has mild pitting towards the muzzle end, and is the original .69 caliber. The barrel is proof marked with a P inside a sunken oval, eagle head and a V. There is moderate pitting around the bolster area, showing this ne was likely fired in anger a time or two. The barrel tan is dated 1837. The casehardened lockplate is stamped with an eagle over US forward of the hammer and dated 1838 behind the hammer. The mechanics of the lock are fantastic, holding the hammer in half and full cock. The main spring is still very strong. The side plate and trigger guard have an S stamped on them. The walnut stock shows honest wear from use, but no abuse. The left stock flat has an oval cartouche, but I can't make out the initials. The butt plate is stamped US. There is a correct button head style ramrod with the gun, complete with threads. The bayonet lug is on the top of the barrel 1 1/4" behind the muzzle. The blade front sight is on the back strap of the double strap front barrel band. It is possible that this gun saw service in the Mexican War and the American Civil War. Originally a flintlock musket, the weapon has received a Belgian style conversion to percussion. This one will fit into any collection and won't disappoint.