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Enfield Rifle Converted to Shotgun
Item #: AA1053
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This is an Enfield rifle from the American Civil War period that has been converted to a shotgun. The gun measures 51 1/2" overall, with a 35 3/4" barrel. The barrel has a dark brownish patina, with the exterior of the barrel is being smooth with slight pitting. The bolster area shows heavier pitting and pin pricking. On the left side by the breech are London barrel proof marks. The front sight is a brass blade type, while the rear sight is of the buckhorn type located 7 1/2" forward of the breech. Two ramrod thimbles have been added to the underside of the barrel to secure the wooden ramrod. The bore is now a .28 gauge shotgun size and is brown and heavily rusted. The lock plate is marked with a crown behind the hammer and LONDON/1861 forward of the hammer. The hammer and lockplate match the dark patina of the barrel. The mechanics are excellent, the hammer holds in half and full cock and strikes the original nipple hard when the trigger is depressed. The trigger guard, butt plate and escutcheons plates are brass and all that beautiful bronze eye appeal that only time can produce. The nose cap has been crafted of pewter. The oak stock has been cut down to a half stock. The wood is in very good condition and has small bumps and dings from normal use. There are no cracks and just one small are of wood loss, on the right side just forward of the bolster. On the top of the stock comb three "notches" have been carved. Not sure what that's all about. This appears to be a Civil War long arm that was converted to shotgun use after the war. The conversion is well done and obviously not a field product.
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