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Chicom Type 56 SKS Rifle Chest Bandoleer
Item #: AA1040
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This is a Vietnam era Chicom Type 56 chest bandoleer for the SKS rifle. This ammo rig was designed by the Chinese Army for use with their SKS rifle in 1956 and changed the way armies carried their ammunition. Many countries adopted this style of ammunition carrier, as it was found to be very popular with the soldiers in the field. The 10 pouch rig is designed to carry two 10 round stripper clips in each of 9 pockets. The one larger pocket was used to carry an oiler, cleaning supplies or gun tools. The shoulder straps are adjustable to allow for a comfortable wear while supporting a full ammo load. Each pocket has a closure strap that is secured by a wooden catch. This is a late war design, as the early production ones had tie straps to keep them secure. This rig is made of heavy cotton canvas with double stitching at the stress points and tie backs. An ink stamp on the back of the pouch shows Chinese characters and the ammo caliber of 7.62. This is a very nice Vietnam era ammunition chest bandoleer used by the North Vietnamese Army.