Hello, I'm Mickey Kiser and welcome to the Americana Store.

Hey folks, another update from the Americana world! Today, 22 May, will be the last update on the site until I return from South Carolina on 2 June! I' will have the phone with me, so I can still take orders, just won't be able to process the payments or ship until the 3rd of June. The websites are doing well, but the show schedule is getting worse instead of better. As of today the Showmasters folks say their Roanoke, Va. show scheduled for 13-14 June is still on. The spring show in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, set for 27-28 June is now being rescheduled for a later date. So now I'm down to one show in June, hopefully it will still go on. And to make matters worse, I will be leaving for Hilton Head, South Carolina on the 23rd of May and won't be back in the shop until the 2nd of June. So this weeks updates will be it for a couple of weeks. I did manage to pick up about 20 WWII Eisenhower uniforms the other day. Only three sets are complete, the remainder are loose jackets, but they are pretty nice ones! Hopefully we'll get to see y'all at a show one of these days soon! Akins American and War Room Relics have a new customer incentive program, with each purchase you receive a $5.00 store credit. You can use that towards your next purchase, or let it build and use it at your discretion. Keep checking both sites frequently, lots of good items to be listed! Don't forget, Akins Americana has a companion website now, War Room Relics. If you haven't already checked it out, just go to warroomrelics.com. Everything from the Pre Revolutionary War period through the Vietnam era is listed. It's still small, but growing everyday! If you are going to be in East Tennessee plan a trip to the store. We are located at 219 East Center St, Kingsport, Tennessee. We're located just one block over from the antique district in downtown Kingsport. The store front is now called War Room Relics. The Akins Americana website will continue to operate as normally. You can now Goggle War Room Relics for the new store location, directions and store hours. The Akins Americana Facebook page will remain the same. The inventory of both websites currently carries items from the Revolutionary War period through the Vietnam War. Our emphasis is in the Civil War era, but WWI and WWII are quickly catching up! Remember, if you don't see it on the website that doesn't mean we don't have it! Just give me a call and if we don't have it, we can find it!

If you have any questions Please email me at ..... mwkiser07@gmail.com or call 615 717 7792.

Thank you for your visit and we look forward to helping you.