Hello, I'm Mickey Kiser and welcome to the Americana Store.

Hey folks, another update from the Americana world! Quick update before the two week road show commences. We're hitting the road this morning for Louisville, Ky for Ron Dickson's gun show 13 - 14 January. From there it's directly on to Las Vegas and from there to Mesa, Arizona. I'm dragging the computer along so I'll be able to update while we're gone. The store will be closed from !! Jan through 29 January. Sorry for the inconvenience, but these relics don't just walk through the door everyday! Keep your eyes on both Akins Americana and Rebel Relics websites, there's going to be some pretty cool stuff pop up in the next couple of weeks! We look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming shows this year. Remember, if you're looking for something and don't find it on the websites just dial that number listed below. I look forward to seeing you at the Akins Americana store soon! While we do concentrate on military items, there is something on hand for everyone! We're located in the historic section of Smyrna, Tennessee just minutes from the Stones River battlefield. Check out our Akins Americana Google business page for store hours, driving directions and a virtual shop tour. We also have an Akins Americana Facebook page. Check it out when you have a chance, it has the relic of the week special on there! The inventory changes constantly, so check it often!

If you have any questions Please email me at ..... mwkiser07@gmail.com or call 615 717 7792.

Thank you for your visit and we look forward to helping you.