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US Model 1841 "Mississippi" Rifle Tryon 1847
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This is a Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifle produced by George W. Tryon of Philadelphia, Pa. He received a contract to produce 5,000 of these rifles, making a Tryon Mississippi rifle very collectible. This particular rifle appears to be 100% original and measures 49" overall, with a barrel length of 33". The bore is dark and shows a heavy accumulation of rust along the entire length with no visible rifling. A bore gauge shows it at .62 caliber, so this must have been one of the 1841's bored out to .58 caliber in 1855. The exterior of the barrel still shows some of the original brown finish mixed with a scattered pewter patina. The area around the bolster and top of the breech has some pretty significant pitting. The remainder of the barrel has a smooth surface with small areas of pitting here and there. The rear sight is a simple V notch, while the front sight is a small brass blade sight. These are original to the weapon, as this rifle was sighted for 50 yard distances. Experienced riflemen were expected to be able to effectively apply "Kentucky" windage and elevation for targets at further distances. The barrel stamps are no longer legible except for the P to the left of the bolster. The proof P is within a depressed starburst, as only Tryon contract barrels were. The date on the barrel tang is no longer legible. The barrel has not been altered with the addition of an added lug to accept a saber bayonet. The lock plate is marked TRYON/US in horizontal lines forward of the hammer and PHILADA/PA/1847 in vertical lines to the rear of the hammer. The lock plate and hammer have a matching dark patina. Both have a light pitting on the surface. The mechanics of the lock no longer work. The hammer will not hold at half or full cock. The brass furniture has a dark mustard mixed with ochre patina. The front barrel band and brass side plate are stamped with the sub inspector stamp H, the rear barrel band is not marked. The trigger guard assembly and patch box are stamped with H, while the butt plate is not inspector stamped. The US stamp on the butt plate is the smaller sized lettering, and is stamped parallel to the barrel. Again, this is unique to Tryon guns, as all other contractors stamped the US on the butt plate perpendicular to the barrel. The inside of the patch box has the letters IH scratched onto the back of the door. The replacement nipple inside the patch box is missing. The sling swivels are both missing, but the brass tipped ram rod is still reporting for duty. The walnut stock is full length and has an eye pleasing dark chocolate appearance. On the flat opposite the lock plate are two inspector cartouches, JH within an oval and WAT also within an oval. The stock has a couple of shallow stress cracks on the right hand side. One extends from the rear of the lock approximately 3" in length, another runs forward from the patch box hinge plate approximately 2 1/2" in length. Another small crack exists between the butt plate an patch box approximately 1" in length. All are shallow cracks and do not effect the integrity of the rifle. There is also a narrow strip of wood running forward of the lock 6" long that looks to be a replacement piece. Carved into the left side of the stock are two sets of initials, FL and HI. Then someone else came along and turned the H into a T to make it look like TI. In my opinion the Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifle is the best looking military rifle ever produced. First used in the Mexican War, and later by both sides during the American Civil War, these guns are very collectible. Chances are if you do collect them you don't have this variant yet! The lock can be made fully functional at the buyers request and expense.
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Item # AA3383
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